Bank View High School Instrument of Government

The name of the school is: Bank View High School

Bank View is a Liverpool City Council community school

The name of the governing body is: The Governing Body of Bank View High School.

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The governing body shall consist of:

  1. Three parent governors: Michelle Walker, Joanne Nealis and Alan Jackson
  2. One local authority governor: Bob Davies
  3. One staff governor: Julie Cummings
  4. Head teacher governor: Juliette Gelling
  5. Three Co-opted governors: Anne Marsh, Christine Jones and Neil Alecock,
  6. One Teacher governor: Andrew Wrigg
  7. The Chair of governors: Colin Sibbald

Total number of governors: 11

All governors’ are appointed and may be removed by the Head teacher Juliette Gelling. These decisions are notified to the clerk of governors’.

The term of office for all categories of governor is a fixed period of four years

The Governors of Bank View High School are committed to safeguarding children and therefore all governors will hold a current CRB check

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This instrument of government comes into effect: October 2015

This instrument was made by order of Liverpool City Council on October 2015

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Next review: 29/1/2018[/us_iconbox]
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