Our geography department decided on a few websites that they believe will help you with any homework that you may receive. Also there are a few games which you can play at home and hopefully learn something in the mean time.If you still need help with your homework after visiting these websites then ask your geography teacher and they will be glad to help.

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BBC Bitesize – KS3 Geography
KS3 Geography learning resources for adults, children, parents and teachers organised by topic

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If you are looking for physical geography or earth science basics, go on this site.

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Kids World Travel Guide
Our Kids World Travel Guide shall tell you about countries and people and will provide great tips and advice for your family holidays around the world.

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National Geograohic Kids
Find amazing facts about animals, science, history and geography, along with fun competitions, games and more. Visit National Geographic Kids today!

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Geography Homework Help for Kids
Woodlands Geography homework help brings geography alive with easy to read information and photographs on many homework topics including rivers, houses and mountains

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3D Geography – Helping with the teaching and learning of geography
Fun ideas for learning about Geography for kids. Packed with lots of information, geography model ideas, activities and geography worksheets to help you learn.