Curriculum Overview

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The curriculum at Bank View is based on flexible, child centred learning. We follow the National Curriculum which is adapted to meet the needs of our students. The curriculum is broad and balanced offering breadth as well as depth.

In Key Stage 3 we try to develop students understanding and independent learning skills to build the foundations for exam courses in Key Stage 4.

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Students who need extra support with literacy,numeracy and or behaviour will be supported in a variety of ways from 1:1 support through inreach, small group support within the classroom, IEP’s,IBP’s and mentor support.

Pupils who need challenge are also catered for with our newly established gifted and talented groups to offer extension and development for those students who need it.

In Key Stage 4 students follow a range of exam courses ranging from entry levels to Level 1 or GCSE according to ability and need. We are currently updating our range of qualifications to include level 2.

As part of the KS4/5 curriculum students have a college link to experience a range of vocational tasters in a college setting.

Functional Skills are taught in English, Maths and ICT throughout the school from year 7 onwards with students taking assessments which cover the range of levels from Entry level 1 – level 1 (level 2 if appropriate).

We are excited about our curriculum at Bank View and are continually updating and improving to give our students the best possible educational experience.