Policy on Promoting British Values at Bank View

Bank View High School values the diverse ethnic backgrounds of all our pupils and their families and undertake a variety of events and lessons to celebrate these. This approach is enriching for all parties as it teaches respect and tolerance for differences in both the school community and the wider world.

Our assemblies promote aspects of British life and values – success, courage, endeavour, national and provincial events, tolerance, fair play and remembrance.

Meanwhile each subject areas play their own part in reinforcing British Values. Examples include:

  • Development of democratic government – Crown & Parliament as part of the work on the Tudor’s and Stuarts.
  • The willingness of Britain and the British people to adopt a robust stance against international aggression and genocide.
  • The positive contribution made by Britain to world exploration.
  • Gallant conduct in time of war and peace e.g. Admiral Nelson, Captain Noel Godfrey Chavasse, Battle of Britain Aircrew, Noor Inyat Khan, Captain Smith of the Titanic,
  • The role played by British inventors, engineers and their contribution to spreading the industrial revolution around the globe: Thomas Telford, Richard Trevithick, Brunel;
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